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The Inclusive Classroom Discussion

A college instructor was showing a documentary about the work of the charity, Doctor’s Without Borders, serving refugees in the mountains of Iraq. After the video, the instructor posed the question, “What do you think?” One student responded, “It’s just foreigners benefiting from free medical care.” Hurtful, divisive comments can . . . Read more

Incorporating Diversity into the Curriculum

Many universities, administrators, and faculty in colleges and universities have recognized the value of incorporating diversity into the curriculum, and the University of Pittsburgh is no exception. While there may be sound ethical and social justifications for integrating diversity into higher education, there also legitimate pedagogical grounds for doing so. . . . Read more

Disability Statement

The University of Pittsburgh requires that the University’s official Disability Statement be included in all course syllabi. The statement is as follows: Disability Statement – If you have a disability for which you are or may be requesting an accommodation, you are encouraged to contact both your instructor and Disability . . . Read more

Zines & Feminist Pedagogy

By Kimberly Creasap, Sociology & Women’s Studies In the spring semester I received an email from one of my Women’s Studies students that began, “I am sending you this email to tell you that I had a small revelation in my life recently that made me realize how much I . . . Read more

Reducing Health Care Disparities: Web-based Video Tutorials

School of Nursing faculty, Rose E. Constantino, Lisa Bernardo, Mary Beth Happ and Yookyung Kim will use their ACIE grant to develop Reducing Health Care Disparities by Teaching Culturally Competent Nursing Care through Web-based Video Tutorials. The project will consist of video vignettes of nurses encountering and addressing sensitive diversity . . . Read more

Revised courses help students reach diversity goals

Christina Newhill School of Social Work I attended the 1997 Chancellor’s Faculty Diversity Seminar for More Inclusive Teaching because I was concerned about my effectiveness in teaching content on diversity in my classes and wanted to revise my courses to improve that.  Although I was keenly aware that the issue of . . . Read more